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Your New Care Team.

Get fully integrative care from a holistic doctor and functional nutritionist, all from home.

  • *Guided testing process for hormone, inflammation, and gut biome optimization.
  • Monthly, 60-minute visits with a holistic doctor.
  • Comprehensive protocol from your doctor.
  • Bi-monthly visits with a nutritionist.

*Price of individual tests not included.

The Choice Is Clear

Standard Primary Care
Wisdom Health
Average appointment Length20 minutesWisdom Health60 minutes
CostsHidden, confusingWisdom HealthAlways simple,
Wait Times30-60 daysWisdom Health2-4 Days
Treatment ApproachSymptoms only,
Medication only
Wisdom HealthRoot cause approach,
meds when necessary
Ongoing care with one doctorRarelyWisdom HealthAlways
Integrative Health SupportNoneWisdom HealthFunctional nutritionist
& Care Coordinator
Tests usedRarely, Basic Blood PanelWisdom Health100+ Whole-Body Biomarkers, including:
Hormones, inflammation, Gut Biome & more
How Wisdom Works:
Advanced Whole-Body Testing

Advanced Whole-Body Testing

Our doctor will order you blood & biome tests you can take at over 1,000 locations anywhere in the US. We use tests traditional doctors don’t utilize.

Wisdom Health

Regular Doctor Visits

Using data from your tests, our doctor will guide you with an individualized health & detox protocol to help you reverse your condition naturally.

Wisdom Health

Individualized Nutritional & Lifestyle Plan

Regular sessions with a functional nutritionist to help you reduce inflammation and optimize your gut biome.

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Our Clients Save On Average $1,475 a year on holistic medicine.

Case Study:
Sarah Ervin, Portland
Wisdom Health
“When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I was told that I would have to be on daily injections for the rest of my life, there was no hope. That was the scariest month of my life. Going to my doctors made me feel more scared as it was clear to me they didn’t have answers for me. Over the next year, I researched, changed my diet, and learned about all my inflammation triggers. Reversing them takes some time and effort, but I have completely reversed all my symptoms to the point of total remission.“

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • ExpandQ: Can I see a doctor in-person? How are appointments conducted?
  • ExpandQ: How is Wisdom different than a conventional doctor?
  • ExpandQ: How does testing work?
  • ExpandQ: Can I use my health insurance? How much reimbursement should I expect?
  • ExpandQ: Can my Wisdom Doctor prescribe medications?
  • ExpandQ: Do you take Insurance or an HSA/FSA?

Use Your PPO
Insurance or an HSA/FSA

Clients with out-of-network benefits can seek reimbursement of their plan for up to 70% insurance reimbursement.

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Wisdom Health
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