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Get a Second Opinion From a Functional Doctor
Share your health issues, get all the science-based alternative treatments from a functional medicine doctor.
$49 per review. 100% confidential.
Entire $49 fee applied to future appointments you book.
What Is Second Opinion?Second Opinion helps you get quick, affordable insights for crucial health issues from functional medicine doctors.

Why Get A Second Opinion?

Here are some common reasons women come to Wisdom for a second opinion.

Find Out If There’s a Natural AlternativeYour doctor will share the most evidence-based alternative approaches for common medications & chronic conditions.
Humanize & Simplify Your DiagnosisGet a simplified, human-centric opinion on your conditions, and what your next steps might be.
Meds Aren’t WorkingIf you’ve had bad experiences with meds and are out of options, this is a great way to start an alternative approach.
Can’t Get a Dr. AppointmentThis doesn’t replace a doctor appointment, but it can get you started in the right direction.
Want a female’s perspectiveSometimes, women just get it. All our doctors specialize in women’s health issues.
Your Current Doctor Isn’t ListeningIf you’re not getting the care you need, this is a great way to start a relationship with a new doctor who will genuinely explore your issues.

How It Works:

Upload Your Tests and Health Questionnaire

Take 10 minutes to upload previous medical tests and complete a short health questionnaire. You can ask up to three questions to your doctor.

You’ll be able to ask your doctor up to 3 specific questions.
Receive Your Second Opinion

Within 5 business days, you’ll receive your second opinion. View a sample below.

Book Appointment

After receiving your opinion, book an appointment with your doctor or seek an opinion from a different Wisdom doctor.

Entire $49 fee applied to future appointments you book.
Second Opinion Doctors:
Our practitioners are women’s health & chronic disease specialists.

Common Questions You Can Get Answered:

What are some reasons my blood tests are showing low/high levels?
I have osteoporosis, what are alternatives for rebuilding bone density?
How to I balance my thyroid levels? What’s the difference between t2, t3, and t4?
How can I lower my LDL cholesterol? Are there special foods I should avoid, or any supplements I can take?
How can I rebuild the function of my adrenal glands and lower cortisol?

Sample Second Opinion:

Short Video OverviewYou’ll receive a 3-4 minute video from your doctor overviewing their thoughts and answers to your questions.
One Page Write UpThis will include answers to your questions, highlight important issues, and talk about next steps.

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