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The Problem:
It’s no secret lifestyle medicine is effective at managing chronic disease. However, primary care doctors don’t have the time or resources to implement individualized lifestyle health plans for each client. Patients with chronic disease continue to suffer from not addressing the root cause of their health issues.
The average doctor appointment in the US is 17.4 minutes, making it impossible to have more meaningful conversations about underlying health.
The Solution:
Nutritionists & Holistic Practitioners that work for your practice via telemedicine.
Wisdom does all the vetting, staffing, and managing of nutritionists working within your clinic. All the practitioners we staff for your clinic work directly in your EHR, making all patient notes immediately visible to you.
Sarah Ervin, Wisdom Nutritionist
Sarah Ervin, Wisdom Nutritionist:

“I work with clients who don’t see results with medications. Eating a proper diet sounds easy, but involves thousands of tiny decisions daily. My job is to make that process easy and affordable for my clients. It’s the perfect complement to add to any primary care clinic”
Lauren Rosenblume, Wisdom Care Director
Lauren Rosenblume, Wisdom Care Director:

“Doctors and their immediate staff are typically far too busy to support patients with health decisions outside their medication.
Patients suffer from these lack of touch points and communication. My role is to help all patients feel highly cared for, with regular check-ins and loving touches. It makes all the difference in the world.”
Get Paid For Healthier Patients
Your patients sign up for simple, transparent integrative care plans. You can earn up to $8,000 / month per provider for your practice.
Patient Plans
Patients pay a simple, low monthly fee for regular appointments and check-ins with a nuritionist.
Integrative Nutrition
A comprehensive, annual program with a personalized functional nutritionist.
  • Regular appointments (6) with a nutritionist throughout the year.
  • Guided, disease-specific health protocol with recipes and shopping lists.
  • Weekly, optional quick check ins for questions and extra support.

$89 / month
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