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Functional medicine is revolutionizing healthcare and helping to address the overwhelming burden of chronic disease.



Leave the broken healthcare system and build a thriving private functional medicine practice. 



What is a Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP)?


Where Functional Medicine Practitioners Fit in the healthcare landscape.

Wisdom Functional Medicine Practitioners (FMP) are trained to help patients address the root cause of chronic disease with a precise, individualized approach that embraces advanced testing.


Rather than treating disease on the symptom level, functional practitioners drill down chronic health issues to their fundamental causes. This revolutionary approach helps patients break out of cycles of overmedicating and develop deeper, more lasting relationships with their providers.


Functional Medicine Practitioners fill the most significant gap in the healthcare industry. We train our practitioners to run a thriving, modern-day private practice.



Average Hourly Rate, Functional Doctors, USA: $460 / Hour

This Training Is For:

Nurse & Healthcare Workers

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners & Healthcare Workers Who Want To Stop Overmedicating

This training is for Nurses, NPs, MAs, and other healthcare professionals who want to develop a more holistic approach with patients.

Doctors Who Want To Integrate Holistic Medicine

If you are a doctor wanting to integrate functional and holistic medicine into your current practice, this training is for you.

Health Coaches & Holistic Practitioners

Holistic Practitioners & Health Coaches Who Want Advanced Health Knowledge

If you are an existing or aspiring health coach who wants a more precise, individualized approach for clients that integrates functional test data, this training is for you. 

What’s Unique About The Wisdom Functional Medicine Training:


There are many functional medicine trainings to choose from. Here’s why Wisdom’s is unique:

1. We’re An Operating Functional Medicine Clinic.

As a thriving functional medicine clinic, we know what works in a clinical setting. We provide our trainees with practical tools to thrive in private practice. 

2. Female Focus

70-90% of holistic health consumers are women. While our curriculum covers both men’s and women’s health, it has a female lean as it’s in significantly higher demand.

3. 100% Live Online Education

We deeply love this medicine and believe learning happens better when delivered live. All live classes are also recorded and can be taken at your own pace.

4. Real Professional Preparation

You’ll leave this training with everything you need to launch a real-world functional medicine business, including legal docs, intake forms, client protocols, session structures, EHR guidance, and much more.

Comparing Functional Medicine Trainings

Elibibility Requirements:

Our unique, two-level training format opens up educational paths in Functional Medicine for all health and wellness providers, including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, and health coaches.


Hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field from an accredited university which includes anatomy, physiology, and pathology.



Must have a license, certification, or degree in a health-related field from an accredited agency or institution. If you are a health coach or nutritionist, we will need to review your educational background to ensure eligibility.

The Curriculum:

Our curriculum is designed to help all trainees develop a precise, individualized approach to functional health that embraces advances in testing & diagnostics. 


Functional Nutrition


Functional Medicine recognizes and addresses the root cause of many chronic illnesses that can begin and end in the diet. Evidence-based protocols and the most up-to-date science of nutrition are the basis for using food, digestion, and nutritional supplementation to correct many kinds of chronic disease, including weight issues, cardiovascular disease, hormonal problems, and gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions.

Functional nutrition is more than just general diet and supplementation guidelines for specific conditions. It recognizes individual food sensitivities and genetic and epigenetic factors that might be unique to the individual and not just to the disease or condition itself. 

Clients often seek functional nutritionists because conventional nutrition approaches haven’t worked. Functional nutritionists go beyond generic diet advice and help individuals find precise solutions to optimize their diet for their unique biology.


Health Coaching Foundations

Traditional health coach training is often insufficient for treating clients with complex chronic diseases. We believe health practitioners must be trained with significantly deeper health knowledge than the standard health coaching programs to truly affect chronic disease states.

With that said, relationship building is an essential component of Functional Medicine, and we find basic health coaching tools helpful for practitioners of all levels. We train our practitioners with essential health coaching tools and a simplified coaching process model to engage clients in their healing journey. 

This module is a comprehensive overview of effective, evidence-based health coaching and how to engage clients more deeply in their journey into health.


Digestive Optimization

While eating the right foods is crucial to health, optimizing digestion is equally, if not more important. Health is not just about what we eat. It’s about what we digest, absorb, and assimilate. This module is a deep dive into all the digestive systems, including the stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine, and how they interact to move nutrients throughout the body.

Digestive optimization is influenced by myriad lifestyle factors that often go overlooked, including stress levels, hydration, digestive motility, intestinal wall integrity, and gut biome. As functional practitioners, we help educate our clients about the nuances of digestion and how to investigate lifestyle patterns that perpetuate a poor digestive process. 

The gut microbiome is the new frontier of Medicine, and its depth and influence are hard to fathom. We carry 39 trillion microorganisms in the gut, which outnumber human cells by about 10 to one. The gut biome is truly an ecosystem, interconnected to almost every aspect of our health, just as soil quality dictates the health of plants that grow on our planet. The gut biome is the missing link in so many “mysterious” cases we see in the clinic. 

The microbiome gives us an entirely new lens to see digestion. The nutrients you eat are not necessarily what gets sent into your blood and absorbed into your body. We are in a renaissance of scientific discovery around the microbiome, and practitioners must have deep knowledge and confidence in this subject.

Cellular vs. Organ Detoxification

The average person in the US has thousands of chemicals in their body that didn’t exist 100 years ago. We’ll study how this “toxic burden” is one of the underlying causes of chronic disease and how to utilize advanced, evidence-based detox protocols.

Environmental Chemicals in our food, water, air, cosmetics, furniture, homes, and workplaces are not the only things that need to be eliminated from the body. In the ordinary course of cellular life, metabolic wastes can build up in the tissues and the metabolic wastes from an unhealthy gut microbiome.

All these chemicals can be the root cause or the complicating factors to inflammation, pain, fatigue, and/or immune and hormone dysfunction. Detoxification processes occur at the cellular, tissue, and organ levels and require a clear understanding of the different biochemical and organ system processes.

Nervous System Attunement

The nervous system is one of the primary “controlling systems” of the body, responsible for transmitting signals between different parts of the body, coordinating their activities, and maintaining homeostasis. Proper communication and coordination are crucial for the body to function optimally.

The role of the autonomic system is now recognized as having a dominant effect on the development of disease and its role in mitigating healing. The role of the autonomic nervous system has a profound impact on how well we heal, repair, detox, fight infection, regulate our hormones, weight, digest, and balance our mood and mental states. This course will help you understand the profound role this aspect of the nervous system plays in heal and healing. You’ll discover environmental and lifestyle factors that dysregulate the nervous system. You’ll also learn practical mind-body tools to quickly and efficiently bring the nervous system back into optimal attunement.

Hormonal Optimization


Hormones are critical for life. Hormonal function gone wrong will affect our ability to restore, repair, and rejuvenate. There are many hormonal diseases that Medicine has recognized for many decades that are related to an over or under-functioning of specific hormones. These conditions include things like hypothyroidism, premenstrual syndrome, and adrenal insufficiency.

Hormones can play a role in many kinds of disease processes in unexpected and profound ways. Science has begun to recognize hormones as a complex dance of signals controlling (and being controlled) by our thoughts, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, and medications. Hormones play a role in weight loss (or our lack of weight loss), energy levels, immune system function, moods, and anxiety. Hormones also increase or decrease pain and inflammation. 

Hormones dominate a woman’s transition through fertility, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormones affect male performance, mood, strength, and energy. Hormones influence the beauty of our skin and hair and how quickly we age. Hormones control how well we sleep and how we experience stress, and whether we can effectively fight infections.

 Functional Medicine sets itself apart by effectively investigating and addressing the many ways hormones control our bodies and effectively managing the need to optimize these control signals to meet health goals.

Blood, Lymph & Chi

Proper blood circulation is vital for delivering oxygen and nutrients to all tissues and organs, supporting their function, and promoting overall health. The blood system carries nutrients absorbed from the digestive system to the cells for energy production, growth, and repair. Functional Medicine recognizes the importance of healthy blood flow and addresses factors that may impede circulation, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and lifestyle choices.

Blood plays a central role in regulating inflammation and oxidative stress, which are underlying factors in various chronic diseases. Functional Medicine recognizes the importance of balancing these processes. It addresses lifestyle factors, nutrition, and stress management to minimize inflammation and oxidative stress, promoting overall health and reducing the risk of chronic conditions.

The lymph system removes metabolic waste products by transporting them to organs like the lungs and kidneys for elimination. Functional Medicine focuses on supporting the optimal movement and elimination of toxins through the lymph system to reduce overall toxic load.


Clinical Practice

This module is a crash course on developing an effective clinical process for delivering Functional Medicine to real-world clients. 

The average primary care doctor sees 20.8 patients a day for an average of 18 minutes. This clinical environment is fundamentally unsuitable for treating chronic diseases and needs to be rethought from the ground up. This transition can be challenging for practitioners trained in a conventional clinical model. This module is about helping practitioners develop an effective clinical process that is designed to build deeper relationships with clients helping them truly approach optimal health. 

You’ll learn to handle difficult client cases when dealing with complex, co-existing conditions. You’ll also learn a process model for how to structure care to help meet clients where they are.

Functional Medicine Testing


This module is a deep dive into utilizing Functional Medicine testing. The availability of advanced testing has increased significantly, and Functional Medicine practitioners need to be well-versed in the testing landscape. 

You’ll learn testing strategies from senior clinicians and how to select tests and integrate the data to create precise, individualized health plans for clients.

There are hundreds of biomarkers to test for and dozens of labs that range in cost and efficacy. Our instructors use their decades of experience navigating the testing landscape to help you understand the best strategies for approaching testing.

While tests do not give a complete picture of someone’s health, they offer clients access to precision in their care, which is sorely lacking in the health and wellness landscape.

Autoimmune Spectrum

50 million Americans have an autoimmune condition, one of the fastest-growing chronic diseases. Conventional Medicine tells us this is purely a genetic process. However, Autoimmunity has risen 300% since 1960, suggesting it’s more influenced by lifestyle than genetics.

Autoimmune conditions can be complex and present as a confusing set of seemingly disconnected symptoms. These issues often fall between the cracks of conventional care, creating disconnected care that offers little help to patients. 

Functional Medicine has a completely different approach to Autoimmune, which identifies and addresses its root causes. Autoimmunity is not a black-and-white genetic diagnosis. From the Functional Medicine perspective, Autoimmunity presents as a spectrum. The autoimmune spectrum is correlated with the levels and ratios of inflammatory T-cells in the blood. Individuals can move up and down this spectrum, depending on their overall levels of inflammation. This is why symptoms of autoimmune seem to disappear and reappear mysteriously. 

Autoimmune conditions affect women disproportionally and often co-occur with other chronic health issues. As a Functional Medicine practitioner, you must deal with autoimmune symptoms in your practice. This module is about developing competence in understanding the underlying physiological processes which create Autoimmunity, and how to reverse it by addressing those root causes.


Cardiometabolic Disease

In the context of Functional Medicine, cardiometabolic issues refer to a cluster of conditions that involve both cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) and metabolic (glucose and lipid metabolism) dysfunctions. Cardiometabolic issues often include conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (abnormal lipid profiles), and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Functional Medicine recognizes that these conditions are interconnected and share common underlying factors, such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and stress. Rather than viewing each condition in isolation, Functional Medicine takes a comprehensive approach to address the root causes and connections between these cardiometabolic issues.

Functional Medicine doctors focus on identifying and addressing the underlying imbalances and dysfunctions contributing to the development and progression of cardiometabolic conditions. They consider factors such as insulin resistance, inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalances (e.g., cortisol, thyroid hormones, sex hormones), gut health, nutrient deficiencies, and lifestyle factors (e.g., diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management) when developing treatment plans.

The goal of Functional Medicine in managing cardiometabolic issues is to restore balance and optimize the overall function of the body systems involved. This may involve personalized dietary and lifestyle interventions, targeted nutritional supplementation, stress management techniques, exercise recommendations, sleep optimization, and addressing other underlying factors specific to each individual.

By addressing the root causes and interconnected nature of cardiometabolic issues, functional Medicine aims to improve metabolic health, support cardiovascular function, and reduce the risk of associated complications such as heart disease, stroke, and other related conditions.

Hormonal Conditions

Hormonal dysregulation is increasingly common and is finally being acknowledged as a root cause of many “mysterious” health issues. One study suggests nearly 1/2 of women suffer from hormone issues.

Your body uses hormones for nearly everything. Hormones fluctuate naturally throughout the month and also as we age. Conventional Medicine considers hormone issues “incurable.” However, that can be misleading. Lifestyle changes can dramatically affect our hormones, and it’s more accurate to say hormone issues are not reversible through medication.

Advances in testing have made it easier to get a precise insight into what’s going wrong. While hormones are complex, we help practitioners drill down to the root causes of hormone dysregulation.

Digestive Disease

Digestive imbalances co-occur with almost every major chronic disease. Digestive issues are linked to Autoimmunity, allergies, hormone issues, cancer, and even mental health issues like autism and depression. In this module, we’ll cover the pathophysiology of the most common digestive issues and how to treat them. This includes: 

  • IBS/IBD & Crohn’s Disease
  • Acid Reflux / Gerd
  • SIBO & Dysbiosis
  • Constipation, Diarrhea, and Bloating
  • Leaky Gut

Digestive issues can also cause inflammation issues. Even if you have the healthiest diet, digestive problems can cause your body to process food to create inflammation. Addressing digestive issues is essential to reversing any health issue.

There’s typically not a single fix for digestive issues. It involves understanding digestion in depth and gradually reducing irritations. We help educate our clients on the nuances of digestion, treating it as a subject of inquiry and gradual optimization.







This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.This training is focused on three subjects that influence the root of most chronic health issues.

Level 1- 50 Hour Training
Foundations of Functional Medicine


Our level 1 training is foundational and focuses on general functional medicine frameworks, as well as functional nutrition.

Topics Include:

  • Working with clients in a functional medicine framework.
  • Understanding the major body systems through the eyes of functional medicine.
  • Real-world case studies of clients who’ve reversed chronic health issues.
  • Digestive function & optimizing digestion through a holistic approach.
  • Detoxing & elimination systems, and evidence-based detox protocols. 
  • Major controlling systems, including: the nervous system, hormonal system, blood, and lymph systems.
  • Mind-body medicine & the importance of the mental and emotional health in the healing process.
  • Health coaching 6-step process model & motivational interviewing. 
  • Building and managing a cash-based private health practice.
  • The legal landscape of functional medicine, health coaching, scope of practice & tele-health.

Level 2 - 75 Hours
Application & Practice of Functional Medicine


Our level 2 training focuses on applications of individualized medicine and lab testing to deliver clients a more precise, evidence-based approach.

Topics Include:

  • Utilizing functional medicine testing and reading lab tests.
  • Functional-medicine view of common disease mechanisms for autoimmunity, hormone issues, metabolic issues, and cardiovascular issues.
  • Strategies for working with complex, co-existing conditions.
  • Immune function and strategies for reducing chronic inflammation.
  • Real-world clinical practice of functional medicine including: acquiring new clients, and structuring packages to optimize revenue.
  • Insurance model vs. cash-pay model, and direct-primary-care business models.

Training Details


The Wisdom Functional Medicine Practitioner™ training is a 2-level program created to help health and wellness practitioners learn the foundations and application of Functional Medicine in a real-world setting.



The Functional Medicine approach investigates why disease happens at the root level and addresses each patient individually. It is a patient-centered, evidence-based approach designed to address the shortcomings of conventional medicine.



As you go through this training, you’ll learn a comprehensive, integrative framework for treating all forms of chronic disease. You’ll learn from real-world case studies how to design effective treatment protocols that focus on each individual’s genetics, lifestyle factors, and health history.


This training is a deep dive into all the body systems from the Functional Medicine perspective. You’ll learn the most up-to-date, evidence-based lifestyle treatments to optimize health in each body system.




Training Format:

This is a live online group training run on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes are highly interactive and use real-life case studies, live demonstrations, and more.


Classes are also recorded and can be taken at your own pace. We do ask that you keep up with the rest of the group so you can graduate each level on the timeline set.


About Wisdom Functional Medicine:
Wisdom opened in 2021 with a mission to make Functional Medicine more accessible to all. We manage an in-person clinic in Portland, OR, and also manage practitioners nationwide.



As a thriving functional medicine clinic born in the telehealth era, Wisdom is uniquely positioned to train practitioners in the realities of running a thriving Functional Medicine practice.



Still have questions?


Read The Ultimate Guide to Functional Medicine Certifications >


Training Details



Live Class Times:

8-11 AM PST (4pm-7pm London) 

*Classes are also recorded

Course Length:

Level 1: 10 weeks, 50 hours
Level 2: 15 weeks, 75 hours

Training Instructors:


All of our instructors are functional health practitioners actively in practice.

Dr. Sara Hazel

Instructor: Functional Health Systems & Clinical Practice

Dr. Sara Hazel is a licensed naturopathic physician with nearly three decades of family practice specializing in natural and functional medicine. She has also been a full-time professor of clinical and academic studies at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for a decade and served as Interim Chair of General Medicine and on the SCNM Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Rebecca Sand

Instructor: Hormones, Digestion & Biome

Dr. Rebecca Sand is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. Her practice specializes in conditions of the digestive tract, hormones, and the reproductive system using a combined Eastern and Western medicine approach. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Sand strives to uncover the root of disease.

Dr. Stephanie Berg, JD, ND

Instructor: Healthcare Law & Compliance

Dr. Stephanie Berg is our lawyer at our Wisdom clinic. She’s perhaps the only lawyer/naturopathic doctor in the world! She helps our students simplify and understand legal compliance, scope of work, and telehealth laws so they can set up and practice confidently within the scope of their license or certification.


Frankie Leigh, FDN-P

Instructor: Functional Nutrition

Frankie became a Functional Nutritionist from her love of working in women’s health, combined with her own health crisis in 2011. With two cancer scares in one year, she decided to take her health into her own hands, guided by the intelligence of functional medicine. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Yogi, Frankie uses data and mindfulness techniques together to help clients change their lives.

Emily Golin

Instructor: Health Coaching

Emily is a health coach trained at the Health Coach Institute. For the last 6 years, she’s helped clients transform their lives through private, and group coaching sessions, and has grown a six-figure health coaching practice. In this training, she teaches a health coaching framework that utilizes motivational interviewing and an evidence-based process model for lasting habit change.

Upcoming Training Schedule



Aug 26 - OCT 14
Level 1
OCT 21 - Dec 16
Level 1


JAN 6 - FEB 24
Level 1
Level 2
Mar 2 - Apr 20
Level 1
Apr 27 - Jun 15
Level 1
JUN 22 - AUG 10
Level 1
JUN 22 - AUG 24
Level 2
AUG 17 - Oct 5
Level 1
OCT 12 - DEC 14
Level 1

New Module:
Building a Six-Figure Functional Medicine Practice


This module is designed to help you launch a profitable cash-pay functional medicine practice within 90 days. We hold your hand through all the crucial decisions that can feel intimidating while getting started in functional medicine.



As you leave the world of health insurance, it becomes necessary to begin thinking like a business owner. Running a clinic while seeing patients is no small undertaking, and requires you to be very precise in all your decisions. 



Most practitioner’s biggest challenge is consistently filling their schedules with cash-paying clients. In our experience, when you solve this problem, the rest tends to take care of itself. 



This module is led by Adam Carney, founder and CEO of Wisdom. It includes:

  • A proven, replicable online marketing plan that generates consistent new cash-pay clients.
  • A comprehensive, optimized, pre-built website template that is optimized for functional medicine marketing.
  • A pre-built google and facebook marketing campaign to immediately generate new client leads.
  • New client intake forms & basic legal guidance, including a basic client contract. 

Learn More> 


Payment plans available to all students for as little as $500/month.



Early Bird Discount (deposit paid 90 days before training start):
$350 discount



Level 1 (Foundations):



Level 2 (Application & Practice):



Level 1 & 2 Paid Up Front:
$5,400 ($1,500 discount)



*comes with $1,500 discount on our business training, and 3 months free of our clinical mentor program.



Q: What are the pre-requisites to join? Do I have to be a doctor?

Please read our admission requirements section above to see if you are eligible for this training. You do not need to be a doctor, but your current license and education does effect your professional titles you can utilize.

Q: What professional titles can I use when I complete this training?

After completing level 1, all graduates can refer to themselves as a “Functional Health Coach” or “Functional Nutrition Counselor.” 

After completing level 2, you have some more options, depending on your current license or profession. If you are a doctor, you can use the term “Functional Medicine Doctor.” If your current scope allows you to practice medicine in your state, you may use the title “Functional Medicine Practitioner.” 

If you are not a doctor or hold a medical license, you can take the title “Functional Health Practitioner” after completing both levels of this training.

Q: Are trainings pre-recorded or live?

All trainings are run 100% live. We believe in the power of live group learning over pre-recorded content. They are also recorded and you can complete them on your own schedule. We do ask that you keep up with the timeline of the group you are enrolled in.

Q: How is this training different from the Institute of Functional Medicine Training?

The Wisdom Functional Medicine training is similar in content to the IFM training. Also, the professional recognition and professional titles you will receive from this certification are the same as the IFM. You do not need to graduate from the IFM to refer to yourself as a functional medicine practitioner. We created this training as we recognized a need to train practitioners with tools that are more applicable in a real-world setting, and also make the approach of functional medicine more accessible and affordable than the IFM.

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