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Comprehensive Functional & Integrative Medicine training. Learn to utilize advanced testing and root cause medicine to improve patient outcomes. 

See The Body Through New Eyes

Are you tired of rushing through patient visits and dispensing medication?


Develop a comprehensive new framework and treatment protocols for treating health issues holistically. 




This Training Is For:

MD's, DO's, DC's, DPT's

This training is for doctors who want to develop a holistic, individualized approach with patients and go beyond basic lab testing. 

Nurse & Healthcare Workers

Nurse Practitioners & Nurses

This training is for NP’s and nurses who want to utilize functional medicine testing and open up new career opportunities in holistic medicine.

Acupuncturists & Holistic Practitioners

This training is for licensed holistic practitioners who want to develop greater competency with advanced testing.

Instructors & Speakers:


All of our instructors are functional health practitioners actively in practice.

Dr. Sara Hazel

Instructor: Functional Health Systems & Clinical Practice

Dr. Sara Hazel is a functional medicine doctor with nearly three decades of family practice specializing in natural and functional medicine. She has also been a full-time professor of clinical and academic studies at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for a decade and served as Interim Chair of General Medicine and on the SCNM Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Will Cole

Instructor: Thyroid, Hormone & Autoimmune

Dr. Will Cole is a leading functional medicine expert who consults people around the world. He started one of the first functional medicine telehealth centers in the world. Named one of the top 50 functional and integrative doctors in the nation, Dr. Cole specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and brain problems.

Dr. Madhi Brown

Instructor: Clinical Practice & Case Studies

Dr. Mahdi Brown is the founder of ‘The ỌKAN Journey’, a program to help clients take the power of health back into their own hands. Dr. Mahdi holds an N.D. in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, with clinical specialties in Evidence-Based Medicine, Mind & Body Medicine, Stress Management, and Applied-Clinical Nutrition. 

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Instructor: Liver Function, Detoxification & Mental Health

Voted one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors in the world, international speaker and bestselling author Dr. Aggarwal is known around the world for his down-to-earth approach to healing through a combination of physical and emotional interventions.

Dr. Rebecca Sand

Instructor: Hormones, Digestion & Biome

Dr. Rebecca Sand is a functional medicine doctor and acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. Her practice specializes in conditions of the digestive tract, hormones, and the reproductive system using a combined Eastern and Western medicine approach. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Sand strives to uncover the root of disease.

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Guest Speaker: Environmental Toxicity

Dr. Jill Carnahan is Your Functional Medicine Expert® dually board certified in Family Medicine for 10 years and in Integrative Holistic Medicine. She is the founder and Medical Director of Flatiron Functional Medicine. As a survivor of breast cancer, Crohn’s

disease, and toxic mold illness she brings a unique perspective to treating. She specializes in searching for the underlying causes of illness through cutting-edge lab testing and personalized medicine protocols.

Dr. Stephanie Berg, JD, ND

Guest Speaker: Healthcare Law & Compliance

Dr. Stephanie Berg is our lawyer at our Wisdom clinic. She’s perhaps the only lawyer/naturopathic doctor in the world! She helps our students simplify and understand legal compliance, scope of work, and telehealth laws so they can set up and practice confidently within the scope of their license or certification.


Bryan Johnson

Guest Speaker: Testing & Human Optimization

Bryan is a revolutionary leader in the field of human optimization, age reversal, and medical testing. His company Project Blueprint aims to utilize the most advanced medical testing & health protocols to dramatically reverse his biological age and optimize 70 of his organs. Bryan is referred to as “The most tested man in history.” 

What’s Unique About This Training:


Why The Wisdom Institute Is The New Gold Standard In Functional Medicine Training:

1. No Fluff Education

We skip superfluous academia and go directly into real-world clinical situations, so you develop competency faster. This is the only functional medicine training taught 100% live online.

2. Clinical Mentorship

We pair you with senior mentors you’ll meet with regularly to review case studies and learn to navigate testing & complex cases.

3. Business Training

Our comprehensive business training will help you launch a private functional health practice or advance your clinical career.

Why Learn Functional Medicine?


Stand apart as an evidence-based holistic practitioner.

Functional medicine has distinguished itself as a credible, effective treatment paradigm for chronic disease. Our practitioners fill a crucial gap in chronic disease care.



Functional Medicine Practitioners are in extremely high demand, filling the largest gap in the healthcare industry. Our training opens up new career pathways in holistic medicine for healthcare professionals.


Average Hourly Rate, Functional Doctors, USA: $460 / Hour

Training Details


The Wisdom Functional Medicine Practitioner™ training is for practitioners who to enter the world of functional medicine. 


This training cuts the fluff out of medical academia, instead focusing on real-world situations that truly matter in clinic. Our live, hands-on approach to training helps you navigate complex situations that will inevitably occur with your patients. 


Training Format:

This is a live online group training run via Zoom. You’ll have live sessions each weekend for 5 months. Classes are also recorded and can be taken on your schedule.  


After you complete your 5 months of core coursework, you’ll have 3 months of small group mentoring that meets twice a month.






About Wisdom Functional Medicine:
Wisdom Functional Medicine opened in 2021 with a mission to make Functional Medicine more accessible. We operate an in-person clinic in Portland, OR, and train/manage practitioners nationwide.





Live Class Times:

Saturdays 8-11 AM PST

*Classes are also recorded and can be taken anytime during the week

Course Length:

5 Months + 3 Months mentoring



Wisdom Institute Functional Medicine Practitioner


Upcoming Training Schedule



Sept 16 - feb 13
Nov 11 - April 16


JAN 13 - June 11
MARCH 9 - AUG 13

What Professional Titles You Can Use:

The professional title you receive under our credential depends on your current healthcare license.

Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP)

This title is available to nurses, nurse practitioners, and acupuncturists who complete our training.

Functional Medicine Doctor

This title is available to all doctors who complete our training.

Comparing Functional Medicine Trainings

New Module:
Build a Six-Figure Functional Medicine Practice

This module is designed to help you launch a profitable cash-pay functional medicine practice from the ground up within 90 days. 


We hold your hand through crucial decisions to help you leave the conventional healthcare system and thrive in the cash-pay world.


Most practitioners’ biggest challenge is consistently filling their schedules with cash-paying clients. In our experience, when you solve this problem, the rest tends to take care of itself. 


This module is led by Adam Carney, founder of Wisdom. It includes:

  • A proven, replicable online marketing plan that generates consistent new cash-pay clients.
  • A comprehensive, optimized, pre-built website template that is optimized for functional medicine marketing.
  • A pre-built google and facebook marketing campaign to immediately generate new client leads.
  • New client intake forms & basic legal guidance, including a basic client contract.


Watch an overview here: 



Payment plans available to all students for as little as $500/month. This price includes the entire 5 month training + 3 months of mentorship.


Total Cost:



Paid upfront:

$5,400 ($1,500 discount)


Early Bird Discount (paid in full 60 days before start date):
$650 discount


Refer a Colleague Discount:


*Please contact us about group booking rates.



Q: What advanced tests will I learn to use on this training?

We train practitioners to use Rupa Health, a comprehensive testing platform that allows you to order from most major labs. Below is a list of the tests we will cover:



•Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing: IgE, IgG, IgM

•Advanced Anemia Panels

•Basic CBC and Metabolic, Urine Testing Interpretations

•Advanced Lipid Panels and Cardiovascular Blood Tests

•Advanced Inflammatory Marker Panels


•Nutritional Assessments and Micronutrient testing

•Female, Male, Thyroid, Adrenal Hormone Panels

•Vitamin D

•Vitamin E

•Lyme, and other Tick-borne Illnesses 

•DUTCH testing

•Para wellness and other GI Parasite testing

•Comprehensive Stool and GI testing

•SIBO tests

•H. pylori testing, Stool, Breath, Anti-bodies

•Environmental Toxicity, Hair, Urine, Blood, Cell membranes, 

DNA adducts

•Mycotox and other fungal testing

Q: Am I eligible to be managed by the Wisdom Clinic after graduation?

Yes, upon graduation you are eligible and can be put on our practitioner waitlist.


The Wisdom Clinic acts as your management company, providing administrative, customer support, and marketing services. You choose the hours you want to work, and our team fills your schedule and helps move your clients along a year-long care plan. 

We have rigorous standards for managed practitioners, and  require you to meet the following criteria:


1. Holding a license as an MD, ND, DO, DC, DCM, or NP.


2. Being located within 30 miles of a city with at least a population of 1 million people or if you are licensed and practice in CA, TX, MI, GA, IL, NY, or FL.


3. Having a physical location to see patients from (which cannot be a home office).


4. Completing our 8 month educational track and receiving approval from your clinical mentor.

Q: What professional titles can I use when I complete this training?

Your professional title and certification from Wisdom Institute depends on your current healthcare license. You may only assume the title of Functional Medicine Practitioner if you hold an active healthcare license. You may only assume the title Functional Medicine Doctor if you are a doctor. 

Q: Why is this training shorter than other functional medicine trainings?

Our students have already gone through extensive health education, and we believe it is not helpful to learn functional medicine in a traditional educational environment. All other functional medicine trainings are pre-recorded content presented in a traditional academic context.



We run all our trainings live and provide small-group mentoring, which allows our students to absorb the important, practical material faster. We like to say it cuts out all the “fluff.”

Q: What jobs and career opportunities does this training open up?

Most of our graduates seek a job in a functional medicine clinic, medspa, IV clinic, or another type of holistic clinic upon graduation. This is the most common route for our graduates as the field is growing extremely quickly, and there are an abundance of job openings in these fields for both nurses and doctors.


Our credential gives you the professional recognition, but more importantly, the clinical mentoring to feel competent at the real-world practice of functional medicine. Employers seek practitioners with real clinical experience, and our training is the best preparation for that. There are also jobs in hospitals for functional medicine practitioners, but that seems to be less common.



Many of our graduates take the route of starting a private functional medicine practice. The demand for functional medicine is extremely high nationwide, with over 150,000 people searching for a functional medicine practitioner on google every month. Our Business Training is a comprehensive program designed to help you launch a functional medicine practice from the ground up in 90 days. In this course, the founder of the Wisdom Clinic walks you through all the essential steps to open your clinic, including:

  • Setting up your legal agreements and scope,
  • Your EHR and customer service technology,
  • Website & marketing.

We’ve created a highly sophisticated marketing system which, once set up, should generate consistent, passive client leads through google marketing. There’s a sample of the website template you’ll receive here, and a video walkthrough of the materials you receive here.


For a complete list of FAQ’s, download our curriculum overview.

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