Our Promise:If you don’t fix your health issues, we’ll work with you until you do for free.

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Fix The Root Cause
Of Health Issues

A guided health program with regular
functional doctor visits to help you reverse mysterious health issues like:
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin breakouts
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Weight issues
  • Chronic pain
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Same-week appointments.
Available anywhere in the US.
Conditions Our
Program Helps With:
The Wisdom Health Program is designed for difficult-to treat women’s chronic health issues.
Autoimmune conditions often go undiagnosed in conventional healthcare. They can cause a variety of confusing symptoms like:
  • Skin Breakouts
  • Hair Loss
  • Strange, nagging body pains
  • Digestive Issues
Our doctors treat autoimmunity using advanced testing to identify underlying inflammation and gut issues, and addressing these issues at the root cause.
How The Program Works:
Enroll in the program

Enroll in the program

Enroll today. We’ll ship you a starter kit with supplements, meal plans, and your whole-life health plan aimed at reversing your health issue.

Wisdom Health

At-Home Bio- Testing

We send someone to your home to take a blood test that gives our doctors biomarkers to measure hormone and inflammation levels so we can customize your program.

Wisdom Health

Regular Functional Doctor Visits

You’ll have 10 appointments throughout the year with a functional doctor and nutritionist for personal support.

Start The Program
Get 100+ Health Biomarkers Most Doctors Never Use.
Get tested from home on over 100+ biomarkers to help optimize your hormones, vitamin levels, inflammation, and gut biome.
Test Your Whole Body For 100+ Biomarkers Critical To Autoimmunity & Hormone Issues.
Uncover the real underlying health issues causing your symptoms.
The Issues:
  1. Skin Breakouts
  2. Strange Pains & Swelling
  3. Fatigue
  4. Digestive Issues
  5. Weight Gain
The Cause:
The Cause
Hormone imbalances, inflammation,
toxicity and other core health issues
that cause confusing
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    A guided, year-long holistic program to transform your health.

Health is confusing. Let’s simplify it.
You no longer need to navigate confusing health issues on your own. Our health program puts all the tools you need to transform your health issues in your hands.
Hear a Real Client
I had been given a diagnosis of Hashimotos disease which the Dr. said was incurable and that I would have to be on prescription medicine for the rest of my life. My hair was falling out, I had no energy, and I felt I was losing my life force.

Instead, I met with a Wisdom practitioner, followed her guide for detoxification and have since had blood work that was completely normal. I knew my body could get back to health but traditional medicinal practice provided me with a dead end. I’m extremely grateful to the wonderful Wisdom team for their guidance. I have my health and life back!
Jen, Wisdom Client in Colorado

The Wisdom

If you don’t meet your health goals during your first year, we’ll work with you for free until you do.

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